Solar Power System

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Inverter efficiency

There are two kinds of inverters commonly used in the solar market: high frequency inverter and power frequency inverter. The conversion efficiency of high frequency inverter is generally about 95%, while the efficiency of power frequency inverter is between 85% and 90%. The static loss of power frequency inverter is higher than that of the high one. The advantages of high frequency inverter are high conversion efficiency, low static loss, small size and light weight, but the disadvantage is poor load capacity. Compared with the high frequency inverter, the power frequency inverter with the same power is much more stable, especially in electrified inductive appliances, such as air conditioners, pumps, refrigerators,etc.. Due to these electrical appliances need 3 to 5 times of power when they are started, it is easy to cause inverter damage by using high frequency inverter to supply these electrical appliances.


As for power frequency inverter, the efficiency is between 85% and 90%, but the static loss is larger than that of high one. It is quite obvious advantages of power frequency inverter. It has strong carrying capacity, especially for supplying inductive appliances.


In addition, if the electrical appliances used are lights, computers and televisions, which are not particularly powerful in load power, and there are no inductive electrical appliances. It is more appropriate to choose high frequency inverters. However, if there are inductive electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerator and washing machines. It is more appropriate to choose power frequency inverter.