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Q1:Are you factory?

A:YES,We have our own factory, we produce solar panel system,MPPT solar charge controller and inverter & converter, etc.

Q2:How long have your company specialized in this field?

A:We have 10years experience which specialized in PV power generation.

Q3:What advantages does your solar power system have?

A:Solar energy is a locally available renewable and free resource. Electricity produced by PV system is clean and silent. And we offer complete solar power system which including all installation components .
Besides we can also match up a suitable solar power system according to customers’ requirements .

Q4:What factors is related to generated energy of solar power system? 

A:In addition to efficiency, another key point is the sunshine. The longer Sunshine time, more generated energy. it is related to the intensity of sunshine as well, it is less in the morning and at night, more at noon; The solar system generate more energy in Summer and Autumn,little less in Winter and Spring.

Q5:What factors will influence the efficiency of solar power system? 

A:Components efficiency of the system, weather,direction of the system, the installing angle, etc.Yes, of course. We have a very excellent R&D team for the robots in food industry.

Q6:What about the quality ? 

A:We have CE certificate, RoHS , quality report for our products, which make sure our product quality are guaranteed .

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