Solar Inverter

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Ⅳ Loss and attenuation of storage battery

Battery is one of the most important part in solar power system, and its cost is relatively high. Sometimes, when purchasing a solar power generation system, customers reduce battery capacity due to the budget, which is wrong. Batteries should be matched with solar panels.


Generally speaking, solar charging current and inverter discharging current account for less than 20% of battery capacity, which is reasonable. If the percentage exceeds this number, the life of battery will be greatly affected. As we all know, the two major factors that affect the battery life are the depth and number of charge and discharge. The deeper the discharge depth, the shorter battery life. Usually, the life of battery is 5 to 8 years. If the discharge depth is too deep, the battery life is only 1 year even less than. In addition, in the process of charging and discharging battery, the battery plate will produce barrier layer. With the thicker barrier layer, the charge and discharge performance of battery will be deteriorated, resulting in an increase in internal resistance and a decrease in capacity of battery.