Didisolar Solar Off Grid Inverter 48V6KW Power inverter price

  • It adopts power frequency inverter and has strong load capacity.
  • Intelligent LCD display.
  • There is a fault record to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • You can check the power generation curve to know about daily power generation.
  • The operating parameters can be viewed through the mobile app.
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The Solar Off Grid Inverter an intelligent power frequency pure sine wave inverter. It has an intelligent LCD display that can display various real-time parameters of the inverter operation. It can also be used to set up the inverter. All kinds of parameters can be displayed through LCD display, and you can read daily power generation curves and fault records, which is very important for users. abo

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Advantages of Solar Off Grid Inverter: above all

    • Solar Off Grid Inverter 100% sufficient transformer and advanced wire design to ensure that the inverter can output at full load. above all
    • Solar Off Grid Inverter has four functions: UPS, voltage regulation, inverter and charging.
    • Intelligent LCD screen can display real-time parameters of the inverter and solar controller operation.
    • Solar Off Grid Inverter has the function of fault recording and fault alarm. After the fault occurs, the fault type is directly displayed on the LCD screen, which is convenient for users to eliminate various faults in the operation of the solar energy system. above all
    • The solar inverter has a standby mode, and the system will detect the output power. When there is no output, it will automatically enters the standby mode, in which the power consumption is very low.
    • With unattended mode, as long as the battery has electricity, the inverter will automatically start. above all
    • Using a toroidal transformer, the loss is low and the efficiency is high. above all
    • The utility mains power mode and solar energy priority power supply mode can be selected to meet the diversified needs of users.
    • You can choose the mains charging mode and PV+ AC charging mode. above all
    • Support lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and other batteries. above all
    • The user can adjust various charging parameters and discharge parameters through the display.
    • There is a mobile phone APP. You can browse the various parameters of the inverter operation through the mobile phone

Solar Off Grid Inverter Model(TIC-):6048 above all
Rated Capacity:6KW (8KVA)
Solar Off Grid Inverter Setting :
Chinese & English option, Time &Date setting ,Contrast ,lightness, Switch voltage,
Grid charge, clear record ,operating parameter, discharge limited setting, Reset .
Work Mode:Grid Priority/Battery Priority(optional)
LCD Display:
Internal and External temperature, record query (fault record), System information query
Battery Type: Lead acid/gel/lithium(optional, factory setting)
Charge current: Standard:0-30A above all
Charge mode :Improve charge ,direct charge, float charge
AC charge current(A): Standard:0-30A above all
AC output voltage(Vac): 110/220/230/240±3%
AC output frequency(Hz): 50/60±3%
Conversion Efficiency: ≥85%
Overload: 105-120% 30S;120-150% 10S;>150% 5S above all
Output Form: Pure sine wave
Output power factor: ≥0.8(>30% Load) above all
Wave form distortion: ≤3%
Switching time: ≤4ms above all
Overload capacityve al: 105-120% 30S;120-150% 10S;>150% 5S
Over discharge: DC10.5V(12V)/DC21V(24V)/DC42(48V)/DC84V Shut down after alarm
Over charge: DC16V(12V)/DC32V(21V)/DC64(48V)/DC128V Shut down after alarm
High temperature: 85° auto shut down after alarm
Short circuit: Auto shut down
Switching time above: ≤4mS
lCooling method: Fan cooling
lNoise[dBA]: a<60
Operating temperature(℃): -10~ 50
Environment humidity: 10% ~ 90%(No condensation)
Working Elevation(M): <5000 (>1000m,Derating)

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