Solar power battery 12V38AH 12 volt storage battery for solar panel


12 volt storage battery for solar panel







12 volt storage battery


Model  Rated Voltage   (v) Capacity L W H TH Reference weight(Kg)
TB38-12  12 38 200 165 175 175 10.7

12 volt storage battery Product Features

12 volt storage battery Maintenance Simple

Made of flame retardant, super ABS shell, using polymer epoxy sealing technology, attractive appearance, firm structure, reliable seal without leakage.

12 volt storage battery Excellent Performance

  • Plate grid using special alloys, strict control of separator, the electrolyte and impurities of each step , extremely low self-discharge.
  • Plates, converge row,pole etc.using optimal design, the separator resistance is very low, so the battery internal resistance is low, good performance of high current discharge.
  • Using pureGermany technology, its low internal resistance, good performance of high rate discharge.
  • Adding special additives to positive and negative lead paste . High utilization of the active material, overcharge, over discharge acceptance ability is strong.
  • Using the unique combination of labyrinth pole seal structure (patented technology) and welding process, ensure sealed,safe and reliable.

Safe and Reliable

Accurately control of safety valve opening and closing valve pressure,not only release excessive gas caused by wrong operation or overcharge , but also prevent air outside or spark from entering the battery inside causing self-discharge or  bursting , high performance, long life.

We also have 12V7AH 12AH 24AH 38AH 50AH 65AH 80AH 100AH 120AH 150AH 200AH 250AH and 2V300AH-3000AH storage battery, please contact us for details