Didisolar solar lighting system for home TY-055B solar power lighting system

  1. Complete in-house production line of: MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, Battery, Solar panel 
  2. Chinese Leading manufacture of solar battery
  3. Chinese leading manufacture of solar home generator system
  4. Uncompromised quality control & devotion in R&D of green energy 
  5. Factory outlet price

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solar lighting system

  • solar lighting system -NEW DESIGN EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY   above all
  • Keep your ordinary electricity need in the hurricane, snowstorm time, Combine the charging and lighting, with anti-reflective and high-transparency. This is a completely independent off-grid power system.  above all
  • solar lighting system -FULL ACCESSORY EASY INSTALL POWER 
  • Includes 1 18V 25W  Solar Panel +1 Solar DC System + 4x 3W LED + 2 for IPHONE 4&8 Adapter + 4 led cable, meet whole ordinary electricity need no any added cost. genuine energy conservation and environmental protection.  above all
  • solar lighting system -FAST CHARGE PORTS & BRIGHT BULBS   above all
  • The 5V 1A output is a universal charge port, can quickly charge your cellphone, digital devices, power bank, fan etc. The multiple outlets enable several LED bulbs working at the same time.  above all
  • solar lighting system -POWERFUL LIGHTWEIGHT SOLAR KIT 
  • Full kit only 9.9 lbs. EASY INSTALLATION, Working time: 2x 3W bulbs—19 to 20 hours, 4x 3W bulbs—12 hours. Widely applied to the wild, home, outdoor such as patio, garden, outdoor party, camping, snack street etc.  above all
    solar lighting system Model: TY055B+
    solar lighting system Name Description Quantity(pcs)
    Solar panel 25W Poly crystalline 1
    MPPT Solar Controller 12V3A 1
    solar lighting system  led light 3W 4
    Lead acid battery 12V12AH 1
    Solar brackets aluminum alloy 1
    PV cables 5M 1
    How many kilowatt hours the Solar Power system for Farms and Agriculture Use?    
    Daily production: 85w-135w  above all
    Charge Model Solar panel
    Charge Time 6H
    Max. output power  above all  DC 12V5A
    Working time (full charge) 3W LED*2Pcs Work 19 H; 3WLED*4pcs 12 H
    Volume 0.016 m³/Set  ab
    Gross weight 8.1KG/Set  above all
    Quantity of 20-foot cabinets 1250 Set  above all

    solar lighting system warranty

    Accessory brackets, battery box, Lightning protection distribution box and PVcables 2 years warranty
    Battery lead-acid battery, 3-5 years life span and 1 year warranty
    Solar panel 25 years life span and 5 years warranty
    Controller 10 years life span and 2 years warranty
    Inverter 10 years life span and 2 years warranty

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Additional information
Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 310 × 210 cm