50KW Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter Factory

1. Integrated design, easy install and maintain.

2. off grid solar energy system charging mode: PV charge   /   PV+AC hybrid charge   work mode: DC first or AC first    to save energy to the most extent.

3. record the latest 10 times abnormal shutdown,  then we will provide solutions promtply.

4. Chinese & English LCD, backlight power saving mode, timing set, working mode set

5. query log: malfunction query log, battery discharge time query log.

6. with perfect protect functions

7.Have app,can remote reading of Solar generator system operating parameters


     Didisolar manufacturer is supplying a new generation of intelligent Whole house solar power system . It has an intelligent display, which can show not only daily power generation, cumulative power generation and real-time operating parameters, but also fault records. It can be selected between AC priority and PV priority. You can also choose AC charging mode or PV+AC to charge the battery. What’s more, the MPPT controller is with low loss, which can increase power generation by 25%.

Model TY50KS
DC input Input rating voltage(VDC 380
Input rating current(A) 151
Input DC voltage allowing range(VDC 187~300
AC output Output rating capacity(KW) 50
Output rating power(kW)  


Output rating voltage and frequency 380 Vac, 50Hz 60Hz
Output rating current(A) 60
Output voltage precision(V) AC380/220V±3%
Output frequency precision(Hz) 50±0.05
Wave distortion(THD)(liner load) ≤3%
Dynamic response(load 0    100%) 5%
Power factor(PF) 0.8
Overload ability 150%,10 seconds
Crest factor(CF) 3:1
Inverted efficiency(80%resistance load) 92%
Insulation strength(input and output) 1500 VAC,1minute
Noise (1meter) ≤50dB
Using condition temperature -25℃~+55℃
Humidity 0-95%,no condensing
Altitude (m) ≤5000(Over 1000 meters to reduce the using amount as GB/T3859.2)
Protection function Input reversing protection、input low-voltage protection、output over-load protection、output short-circuit protection, over-heat protection