300KW-500KW Remote Monitoring Energy Storage Inverter , Bidirectional Inverter

1. Power grid scheduling, peak load shifting to meet customer dynamic demand.


2. Smooth output power and increase the acceptance ratio of power grid.


3. Protect electricity safety.



Excellent stability as cathode material only suffers minimal impact during charging and discharging


From 350℃ to 500℃ VS 200℃ (NCM)


Minimum capacity loss.self-discharge rate is less than 3% under the condition at 25℃,SOC 50%.


Pollution-free,no toxic material contained



Didisolar energy storage products and system solutions provide bright for the weak electricity areas and realize smart power supply and demand allocation, and make electricity generate greater value. This system is aimed at three phase energy storage system, which can realize the function of grid connected power generation, off grid inverter and utility grid reverse charge. If utility grid is broken, the energy storage system can automatically switch off into the off grid mode and ensure the uninterrupted power supply for the load.


1. Power grid scheduling, peak load shifting to meet customer dynamic demand.


2. Smooth output power and increase the acceptance ratio of power grid.


3. Protect electricity safety.


Performance characteristics


1. It adopts 32 bit DSP (digital processor TI 2812) +ARM (touch screen main control chip) platform, touch-screen display and operation, convenient field operation and parameter setting, DSP controls core driver, ARM realizes peripheral functions such as display and communication, and improves power reliability.


2. On grid and off grid mode seamless handoff to make uninterrupted power supply for load.


3.Support RS485, Ethernet communication, remote monitoring and other functions to meet the selection of CAN customers; can display the AC and DC side voltage and current, operation mode, operation status, fault information, and upload data to the remote computer through the communication interface ,and can start and stop, setting parameter the inverter by PC.


4. With three-phase four leg structure which can bring 100% unbalanced loads.


5. Specially designed for smart grid and intelligent micro grid, receiving power grid scheduling, peak load shifting.


6. Can meet the access of lead-acid batteries, lithium battery, super capacitor, vanadium battery etc. different storage forms, with wide application range.


7. With wide input battery voltage range, combined battery voltage DC200-800V.


8. It has the function of setting working time mode, and setting up a reasonable working mode according to the characteristics of the local power grid.


9. The mode is divided into grid connected (charging and discharging) operation and isolated off grid operation, which can control active power and reactive power output according to the instructions of the power grid dispatching department, and has the capacity of four quadrant full capacity operation.


10. Super 7 Inch touch screen display, It has the largest display interface compare the same products.

  • Max input power   300KW
  • Max efficiency 95%
  • Max open voltage 800V
  • DC input voltage range      380-750V
  • Rated DC input current   730A
  • AC output voltage range 310-450VAC(Un=380)
  • Output frequency range 48-51.5Hz(Fn=50)
  • Function    Automatically switch between on-grid and off-grid
  • The on-grid turn to off-grid within 1s
  • Seamlessly off-grid turn to on-grid,lights don’t flash, the computer doesn’t shut down.
  • Discharge way   Constant power discharge(output frequency adjustable)
  • Charge way Constant voltage/constant current(charge voltage adjustable,charge current adjustable)

Charging and discharging mode adjust according to the grid

  • Power consuming/power consuming at night    <10W
  • Required grid mode 3phase 4wire
  • Output current wave distortion   <3%
  • Power factor >0.99

Automatically operating condition

  • Fault handled                3Min

Automatically switch to off-grid mode after power failure

  • isolated transformer (yes/no) yes
  • ground fault test(yes/no)        yes
  • Output overload protection(yes/no) yes
  • DC over/under voltage protection(yes/no) yes
  • AC over/under voltage protection(yes/no) yes
  • Over/under frequency protection(yes/no) yes
  • other protection anti-island,current limit,over current,overheat
  • Temperature range -20℃~+55℃

Off-gird output rated parameter

  • Output voltage 380V
  • Output frequency 50Hz
  • Humidity 0~95%,non-condensing
  • The highest full load operating altitude <=2000m
  • protect degree IP20
  • cooling method Wind cooling
  • Displaying Touch screen
  • communication port       Ethernet(Modbus TcpIp)