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Relationship Between Temperature and MPPT Controller Efficiency

MPPT controllers are divided into two types: fan and fan-free on the market at present. The MPPT controller without fan looks good. Some will be used larger radiators to dissipate heat naturally, while our company has always used fans to dissipate heat. We also try to dissipate heat with fan-free in order to design more beautiful shell, but MPPT controller temperature is always too high, resulting in decreasing efficiency of MPPT controller. Why is this happening? Let’s see the picture below:

From the above figure, we find that when charging power reaches its peak, it can last only a short of period of time, then charging power will drop, and then it will rise again after falling for a period of time. Why is this happening? Back to our topic today: Relationship Between Temperature and MPPT controller Efficiency.


The higher efficiency of MPPT controller, the lower temperature during charging. When the temperature reaches protection value of MPPT controller, MPPT controller will reduce charging power, so the temperature will drop slowly. When it drops to a certain value, the charging power will rise. If the temperature of an MPPT controller is not handled properly, it will look like the above figure. Constantly charging–Temperature reaches protection value–Power is reduced. Charging efficiency is very low.


Another problem is temperature rise. Temperature rise refers to the highest temperature MPPT controller during charging minus the current room temperature. Generally, MPPT controllers have a temperature rise when they are developed, which represents the performance of MPPT controller. The lower the temperature rise, the better the performance. For example, the temperature rise of a MPPT controller is 40 degrees. Its temperature protection value is 75 degrees, so its ambient temperature cannot exceed 35 degrees. If above 35 degrees, the phenomenon will appear.  Because many MPPT controllers don’t have charging curves when charging, most people don’t know about that. We hope this article is helpful for everyone!