Didisolar wholesale 6kw Solar generator system TY-156 solar power system

  1. Complete in-house production line of: MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Inverter, Battery, Solar panel 
  2. Chinese Leading manufacture of solar battery
  3. Chinese leading manufacture of solar home generator system
  4. Uncompromised quality control & devotion in R&D of green energy 
  5. Factory outlet price

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Didisolar manufacturer is supplying a new generation of intelligent Solar generator system . It has an intelligent display, which can show not only daily power generation, cumulative power generation and real-time operating parameters, but also fault records. It can be selected between AC priority and PV priority. You can also choose AC charging mode or PV+AC to charge the battery. What’s more, the MPPT controller is with low loss, which can increase power generation by 25%.

 Solar generator system is designed with the following features:

1. Integrated design, easy install and maintain.

2. off grid solar energy system charging mode: PV charge   /   PV+AC hybrid charge   work mode: DC first or AC first    to save energy to the most extent.

3. record the latest 10 times abnormal shutdown,  then we will provide solutions promtply.

4. Chinese & English LCD, backlight power saving mode, timing set, working mode set

5. query log: malfunction query log, battery discharge time query log.

6. with perfect protect functions

7.Have app,can remote reading of Solar generator system operating parameters

 Solar generator system Model:  TY-156
Solar generator system Model Name Description Quantity(pcs)
Solar panel 275W Poly crystalline 15
MPPT Solar Controller 96V60A 1
Solar Inverter 6KW  pure sine wave 1
Lead acid battery 12V250AH 8
Solar brackets aluminum alloy 1
PV cables 4mm² 300M
How many kilowatt hours the Solar Power system for Farms and Agriculture Use?    
Daily production: 16.5kw-24.75kw
Average monthly production: 495kw-742.5kw
Expected annual  production: 5940kw-8910kw
AC charging current 20A
Working mode DC first / AC first
Max. output power 6kw
Charging mode solar panel / AC&DC hybrid
100KW hybird Solar Power system manufacturer Charge time By solar panel about 5 hours/By AC & DC hybrid about 3.7 hours.

Solar generator system warranty

Accessory brackets, battery box, Lightning protection distribution box and PVcables 2 years warranty
Battery lead-acid battery, 3-5 years life span and 1 year warranty
Solar panel 25 years life span and 5 years warranty
Controller 10 years life span and 2 years warranty
Inverter 10 years life span and 2 years warranty

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Solar panel


Solar inverter and MPPT controller

6000W 96v60a


12V250AH 8pcs

PV cable


battery box



Aluminum alloy