MPPT Solar Controller

A MPPT solar controller suitable for unattended projects

MPPT solar controller

The solar controller is an important part of the off-grid solar power system. Although its price is not high in the whole system, it is very useful. Today, I will introduce to you a MPPT that is very suitable for unattended projects. Mppt Solar Charge Controller.

Unattended, as the name implies, there is no one to guard after installation. It will take a month or longer for inspectors to come over. Such projects are often in relatively remote areas, or such human traces as deep mountains, old forests and islands are rare. These places have some things in common, 1. Inaccessible. 2. It is inconvenient to use electricity and the cost of setting up the power grid is too high. 3. The transportation cost is high.Mppt Solar Charge Controller

In the past few years, many people would use diesel generators, but the transportation of diesel is very inconvenient. The cost of each transportation is higher than the price of oil. In recent years, diesel generators have been gradually replaced by solar power generation. Solar power generation is irreplaceable. The advantage of a one-time investment, saves the cost of later transportation of diesel, so it is very cost-effective.Mppt Solar Charge Controller

But the good times do not last long. Due to typhoons, rainy days or other factors, the daily solar power generation has decreased. Over time, the battery will lose power and the solar controller cannot start. When the solar controller cannot start, even if the sun is shining, It is also impossible to charge the battery, which makes the entire solar power generation system unusable. In the past, when we encountered this situation, we would send someone to inspect and repair, remove the battery, pull it to a place with electricity, and use the charger to charge the battery to fully charge it. After reinstalling it, it will incur a lot of costs and waste labor.Mppt Solar Charge Controller

And our controller can solve this problem. We use the most advanced technology and precise algorithm on the market to launch a new generation of MPPT solar controller. This controller can be dual-started and can be controlled by the battery all the way. The device provides the power needed for startup, and the other way can provide the power needed for startup to the controller through solar energy, truly unattended, as long as there is sun, it can be charged, and the power will never be cut off.Mppt Solar Charge Controller

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